Why Everyone Should Use A Blue Light Filter

There is a good chance you will be laying down in your bed scrolling through your phone before falling fast asleep. Odds are you have good eyes however; in order to keep them safe allow me to assist you further. Introducing the blue light filter. The blue light filter. An application that will allow you to continue screen time without hampering your vision in the short and long term.

Blue light is a all around us. It is emitted from the sun, our digital screens, electronic devices, LED and fluorescent lighting. Bottom line; there is no escaping blue light. Too much of anything tends to not fair well for folks. Taking a moderation approach is warranted when absorbing blue light.

If you are already in the know about blue light filters; this is a refresher for you. Let’s talk about the underlying health concern that can potentially lead to a serious medical condition. Macular degeneration, which can result in permanent vision loss. Has eye care providers worried blue light abuse ramps up this disease. There is no specific calculation of how much blue light is abuse but one would think if your eyes are straining put the device down.

In this section we will discuss something that goes right to the heart (literally). Blue light is vital in regulating circadian rhythm. Exposure to blue light helps keep your circadian rhythm on track. However; too much blue light at night can throw off this cycle potentially causing heavy fatigue and poor sleeping patterns resulting in insomnia.

Point of the story, take care of your eyes and they will take care of you. Get outside as much as possible, soak up the sun, and indulge in your electronics. Here are a few tools to aid your vision along the way!




Written by: Preston Olson









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