Who Will Be The Next Eli Manning?

In the aftermath of QB Eli Manning announcing his retirement one thought continuously circled through my mind. Who will be the next Eli? Rather who will be the next hero we root for to take down a legend or become one?

Super Bowl Ll V was not much of an indicator at who that is, rather a confirmation that the Kansas City Chiefs were built for the NFL’s grueling season this year. After having their hearts ripped out by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game just one year prior; Kansas City’s defense arose to the occasion in the 2nd half in this years contest. (Yes, defense does still win championships in the NFL). QB Patrick Mahomes made the throws and runs he had to. However; the Chiefs defense was relentless once the 4th quarter started until it was all over.

The 2020 season brightly highlighted: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, as no longer the quarterbacks you think of as the underdog. The names I mentioned above can flat out put the game on ice: have won a super bowl or more, have more successful seasons in the majority of their career as starters. (Tom Brady doing it the longest with 6 super bowl wins).

As fans LETS BE REAL; with no disrespect intended you are not going into this off season thinking about QB’s such as: Matt Ryan (Yea, buddy!), Dak Prescott, Josh Allen, David Car, and a handful of others unless you are a fan of their respective team. Championships are the bar and the names I listed along with other starting quarterbacks have not hit the bar.

What I am after is witnessing the next true underdog who can potentially become one of the greats. Patrick Mahomes has begun his quest toward greatness this year in achieving his first super bowl win. We will have to keep tuning in seeing if the next underdog to legend story can ultimately become reality.


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