Jade Gua Sha Facial Care Review

There are three unique pieces to the facial care routine I began last month.

  • Jade Roller
  • Jade Stone Massager
  • Jade Beauty Massage Wand

Starting with my personal favorite the Jade Gua Sha Roller. The time I found best to fit in this facial care routine is after a shower when I have finished moisturizing. As the box says: go outward on your cheeks which brings the blood to your face allowing your skin to become firmer and fuller. Then go up on your forehead which is an important step not to skip because it helps reduce those wrinkles. Finish on your chin going downward helping your jawline stay tight giving your face an all around glow. You can apply the Jade Gua Sha Roller up your chest to your neck to improve blood circulation.jade2

Second is the most underrated piece out of the trio I mentioned. The Jade Gua Sha Stone Massager. Keep the stone flat and go up across your forehead from your eyebrows 3-5 times. Next use a scraping motion from the crease of your nose to your ear and do that on both sides of your face. Don’t poke yourself in the eye! Then slide the stone up from both sides of your jaw line until you reach your ear. Massage around the bottom of your ears for 10 seconds and it will really help reduce tension. You know you are tense!jade1

Third is a really awesome tool that came separate but was worth it. The Jade Gua Sha Beauty Massage Wand. Turn on the device and use it gently on your entire face going from in to out. When you reach the skin under your eyes remember to be gentle because that skin is extremely sensitive. The vibrations will boost your collagen, radiance, and lift your face with your confidence to new heights!jade3

To recap what we talked about here today you can find all different variations of beauty products on the market. Most of the products you will find range from $19.99 and up. For these three items it costed me a grand total of $13.00! Jade is one of my favorite stones and it naturally stays cold. You will want to keep the stones in a cool place to aid in the process. I decided to write this article because I’m a man who cares about his appearance and wants others to have that same type of confidence. Hopefully you can find what works for you but until next time thanks for stopping by.



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