The “Power of Suggestion” in today’s world

From social media to word of mouth all the party people know what it’s about. Influence! Since the dawn of time influence has been the stealth motivator for progress or discord. Some have told me “America is the largest influence in the world. Leading any other nation by a wide margin.” Everyday I’m more inclined to believe just that.

Well it just so happens last week something on the old television held my attention hostage. It was a program that did a variety of experiments in this “Haunted house.” Where a handful of people volunteered. The crew was introduced to a man deemed a “Hypnotist” and paranormal expert. If you paid close attention you would of realized this was the beginning stage in proving the power of suggestion.

Maybe you even seen this program before. My interest was peaked when he put everyone under hypnosis. They all allowed themselves to believe they were hypnotized. After all of the volunteers were awake, the “Hypnotist” noticed the crew had become bored with this experiment. He was quick on his feet, making the volunteers think he detected a paranormal prescence. Then asking to step away for a moment, to build suspense for a staged argument with the producers outside. The “Hypnotist” making sure to say ‘Someone died here!’ aloud so the volunteers could here it. Their reactions were priceless, and it was evident they took the bait.

The final experiment conducted was bringing each person to a known “Haunted” spot on the property. The first individual sat for a few minutes given a cross on a chain, and was told to hold it out in front of himself. He believed there was something paranormal taking place when asked by the “Hypnotist.” Telling him the cross was moving on its own. Together they attempted to ask the spirit a question letting the cross be a communicator. Believing he made contact with the dead, he rushed back and shared his experience with the group. Suggesting there was absolutely paranormal activity. The next few people that took part in this experiment all returned suggesting that their was paranormal activity a foot. Claiming to hear noises, i.e.; faucets turning, and people talking in the woods. One volunteer did not report any paranormal activity, or strange nuances. The group was shocked that he didn’t see, or hear anything.

They were in for a shock themselves. The “Hypnotist” returned announcing to the group they were duped. Conveying to the group that he was no paranormal expert, and they were not in a haunted house or on haunted land at all. They were in fact influenced by the power of suggestion.

The reason I wrote this piece was simple. I have been influenced by the power of suggestion, and I’m willing to wager you have as well. Since a young age you are told what to do, and like most folks I know those tasks don’t get done quick. I do recall my childhood experiences very well. When my parents or friends suggested I do something. I felt as if “Why not?” Instead of “Why should I?” Still feels that way today. When finding yourself being encouraged or implored to finish an assignment, it becomes more tangible and less tedious.

If I told you I could make you $100 right now you would probably say no thanks. If two people come up to you and tell you I made them $100 each. Wouldn’t that get your brain juices going? Suggestions are in politics, entertainment, and in cultures everywhere. When demands aren’t met, suggestion owns the power of the purse. Don’t let suggestions divert you from the prime directive in your life. Be open to suggestion, look at opinions objectively, and grow from the insight being handed out. You will never regret it!

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