Salt Lake Stallions vs Birmingham Iron – Game Summary

Birmingham Iron (QB) Luis Perez had a tougher test than last week with the Salt Lake Stallions coming to town. 24/38 with 184 yards passing. No touchdowns but no interceptions. The tale of the tape will have plenty of teachable moments. The offense was able to spread the football around early in the first quarter.

Both defenses played exceptionally well overall and hopefully is a tell tale sign of what’s to come in the future AAF games. (WR) L’Damian Washington got involved early catching a bundle of good passes. (RB) Trent Richardson also was involved from the opening gate. Testing the run defense of the Stallions which would prove to be stout. (WR) DeVozea Felton and Quinton Patton ran nice routes, catching passes for 11 then 16 yards.

Salt Lake Stallions (QB) Austin Allen was in for a tuff day against an sound Iron defense. 15/31 with 114 yards passing. Again, No touchdowns and no interceptions. The first quarter may have turned up empty for both teams ,but the second quarter was a burst of strength from the Stallions. After both offenses stalled out Birmingham had to punt.

What ensued next was chaos. Birmingham’s return man fumbled the ball and the Stallions were all over it. Quick work from the Stallions offense lead by quality running from (RB) Joel Bouagnon and Branden Oliver. Had the Stallions putting 6 on the scoreboard with a Bouagnon touchdown. The second quarter raged on and Birmingham wasn’t able to keep their drives alive long enough. With the ball back and time for one last drive.

The Stallions had made it past midfield and into somewhat of field goal range. It was good enough as (K) T.Bertolet made it from 53 yards out. Making the score 9-0. The third quarter began and the Stallions were grinding it out with the run game. Sloppy special teams play cost the Stallions a crucial field goal. Giving credit where credit is due that sparked the Irons defense.

A great defensive play on the Irons (WR) W. Saunders caused a fumble and gave the Stallions the ball back with momentum. As (QB) A.Allen led the stallions to a nice drive that was halted by the Irons defense. Stallions (K) T.Bertolet missed on a 50 yard field goal try.  With (QB) L.Perez struggling it was time to punt and time for Birmingham’s redemption. The Iron forced a fumble on the Stallions punt returner and scored a touchdown off their mistake. The momentum swing was swift and fierce.

(QB) A.Allen handed off more allowing the running game to pick up steam. With another drive halted by the Iron’s defense. Now early In the fourth quarter. It would of been a 50 yard field goal attempt. Then a costly 5-yard delay of game penalty pushed it back. (K) T.Bertolet then went on to shank the kick from 55 yards out.

Both offenses stalled out on each of their next drives. Time was running out for the Iron. (QB) L.Perez then hit (WR’s) D.Felton, and T.Issac underneath. Then (WR) Q.Patton for 18 yards and again for a 10 yard completion. (RB) Trent Richardson showed his explosiveness shortly after, and scored another Touchdown for the Iron. The two point conversion failed and the score was now 12-9 Birmingham Iron.

A late rally was now the Stallions last chance. (QB) A.Allen was up to the task. Passing the ball around well to (WR’s) A.Jennings, A.Denham, D.Pierson, and N.Truesdell. (RB) J.Bouagnon was heavily involved with the last chance push to score. Leaving it up to there kicker to force overtime. (K) T. Bertolet walked out and missed on a 48 yard field goal. Birmingham received the ball on downs. Running the rest of the clock out puts them at 2-0 on the season.

Birmingham Iron (2-0) def. Salt Lake Stallions (0-2)

Final Score: 12-9




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