White Sox Core Players Key To Winning Pennant Race – With or Without Machado

Man, I sure do love baseball! It doesn’t take an expert to know since the 2005 World Series run the White Sox clubhouse has put on an abysmal showing. Last season proved that the White Sox have plenty of young raw talent. A solid core of young players has emerged mixed in with veterans. The right leadership, and teamwork can potentially push this years clubhouse to bring home the 2019 World Series. Allow me to introduce you to the 2019 White Sox core players.

 Tim Anderson (SS). Barring any potential trades from happening. Tim Anderson is my choice for leading man this upcoming season. The offense goes as the shortstop goes. Let me help you get up to speed. 77 (R), 64 (RBI), .281 (OBP). Take those three metrics and compare them with any other short stops in the MLB. Then you will truly see why I’m so high on a guy who’s had to play under constant pressure to overperform. A leader on and off the field. Tim Anderson has been great for the city of Chicago.

Yoan Moncada (2B). On pace to have a breakout season. The second baseman had; 73(R), 61 (RBI), .315 (OBP). Cool and calm at the plate. Showing great patience and timing early in his campaign. He showed me all last season, he has a knack for getting on base. Which opened up a lot of opportunities for his teammates. Moncada will be a fun player to watch going forward.

Yolmer Sanchez (3B). Had a terrific season last year with the White Sox. Start with 600 At Bat’s. 62 (R), 55 (RBI), with an awesome .306 (OBP)! Another player in the core of the White Sox clubhouse who has found a habit of reaching base. The hitting caliber Sanchez brings really bolsters the offense. All of this allows the batting order to be creative, and really benefit the rest of the teams odds of earning RBI’s, Runs, Hits, OBP, and wins.

Adam Engel (CF). A rising star on the White Sox. Adam Engel showed he can really fly when he reaches base. Sure we will want him to get that .279 (OBP) up. Let’s not take away from the fact when he reaches base. He really makes it count. 49 (R), 29 (RBI). The potential for the 27 year old, and all players on this roster is sky high. Working on his hitting a lot during the off-season this year will be proving grounds for Adam Engel.

Winning is about the entire clubhouse doing their job well. However these four players are ring bearers to the success of the White Sox. The White Sox offense will go as their core goes this season.

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