NFL Week 11 Game Picks

The Bengals have been a team that is similar to the Ravens. Both having up and downs this season. The Ravens haven’t done a good job of protecting home field (2-2) so far on the season.

(RB) Joe Mixon of the Bengals will have his work cut out for him if (WR) AJ Green is a no go. On the other side it appears (QB) Joe Flacco will not play according to sources around the league. Although the Bengals rank dead last in a few categories on defense.

I think (QB) Andy Dalton will do enough to grab a win. It’s a must win situation for both teams playoff hopes. Expect a closely contested football game.

Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) over the Baltimore Ravens (4-5).

Giants fans are still rejoicing over the road victory against the 49ers last week. The truth is a cold mistress however. The New York Football Giants have been unable to win a home game this year going (0-4).

In the quarterback battle. (QB) Eli Manning vs (QB) Ryan Fitzpatrick. Historically I would take Manning but today I’m picking Fitzpatrick. I also like Tampa Bays wide receiving core led by (WR) Mike Evans against this Giants defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) over New York Giants (2-7).

The dynamic duo of (QB) Dak Prescott, and (RB) Ezekiel Elliot are nothing short of exciting. They will have to play big along with the Cowboys defense, to ensure a victory over the Falcons.

I believe (QB) Matt Ryan will begin to piece it together with (WR) Julio Jones and (RB) Tevin Coleman. The Falcons defense has shown promise this year. My belief is the Cowboys will play methodical enough for the Falcons to pull of a win.

Atlanta Falcons (4-5) over Dallas Cowboys (4-5).

Carolina is as fierce a competitor as they come in the NFC South. Playing against a Detroit team that has flat out struggled on both sides of the football. Cam Newton playing at a very elite level will be hard for the Lions offense to keep up with but maybe easier for the defense.

(QB) Matthew Stafford is undoubtedly a great quarterback. With (RB) Kerryon Johnson emerging as a star it could really help Stafford against a good Panthers defense despite that terrible loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

(WR) Kenny Golladay will get some good reps in as well for the Lions. (RB) Christian McCaffrey for the Panthers is the X-factor in this matchup.

Carolina Panthers (6-3) over Detroit Lions (3-6).

I will be very surprised if the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t find a way to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. (QB) Ben Roethlisberger has been lights out this year. (WR) Antonio Brown is always reliable and (WR) JuJu Smith-Schuster.

(QB) Blake Bortles is the most underrated player in the National Football League. (RB) Leonard Fournette is going to have good reps in today. Jacksonville defense would have to beat the Steelers for this to tilt in their favor.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2-1) over Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6).

(QB) Deshaun Watson of the Texans is going to look at really challenge the Washington Redskins secondary. (RB) Lamar Miller will have to run well if they want to beat the pesky Redskins.

(QB) Alex Smith is a real marvel to watch. He can make all the throws despite what you have heard. When your (TE) Jordan Reed is the best receiver that is perplexing.

One would assume the Redskins are a run first team but it’s really not. With (RB) Adrian Peterson chipping away at short yardage runs for first downs. There is always a chance he can bust a big one for a TD.

Houston Texans (6-3) over Washington Redskins (6-3).

The Indianapolis Colts with (QB) Andrew Luck at the helm are historically good against the Tennessee Titans. (QB) Marcus Mariota and company will be looking to settle the score if you will.

The last few weeks taken in account. I like the Titans chances a tad bit more than the Colts.

(WR) T.Y. Hilton for the colts will have a monster day as usual. (RB) Derrick Henry for the Titans, and (RB) Marlon Mack for the Colts will have to pull a lot of the weight for their respected sides to ensure victory.

Tennessee Titans (5-4) over Indianapolis Colts (4-5).

Denver Broncos defense would need their best game of the season to beat the Los Angeles Chargers. It is a daunting task to sum it up.

The three headed monster of (QB) Phillip Rivers, (RB) Melvin Gordon, and (WR) Keenan Allen will have a tall order to fill in this game. The Broncos defense will not make it easy but the Chargers have been relentless this year.

(QB) Case Keenum will have to spread the football around and (RB) Phillip Lindsay will really need to be involved for any type of win to happen.

LA Chargers (7-2) over the Denver Broncos (3-6).

We will really have a chance to see what (QB) Josh Rosen has in his arsenal today against a Raiders defense that can’t stop anybody. (RB) David Johnson will have his chance to be the best player on the field.

The Raiders hopes rely on (WR) Derek Carr and his arm. However he plays the team tends to play to that level. If he his accurate it could make for a Raiders win.

Arizona Cardinals (2-7) over Oakland Raiders (1-8).

(QB) Drew Brees is going to look at staying in MVP shape as he takes on the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

The Saints have enough offensive weapons to rival any team. Their defense is suspect but who needs defense when no one can outscore you?

(QB) Carson Wentz knows what is at stake trying to get back to .500. The injury bug has caught up with the Eagles in a big way. (TE) Zach Ertz will need to work some magic, along with a not so good running game needing to step up.

(RB) Marcus Ingram II and (RB) Alvin Kamara from the Saints will be a tuff two headed monster to stop for the depleted Eagles defense.

New Orleans Saints (8-1) over Philadelphia Eagles (4-5).

Every game right now in the NFC North is a must win game. Minnesota Vikings led by (QB) Kirk Cousins will feel the pressure of (LB) Khalil Mack, and the rest of the best defense in the league.

Look for the Vikings to exploit the Bears defense as best they can with (RB) Dalvin Cook, and (WR’s) Stefon Diggs along with Adam Thielen. (QB) Mitchell Trubisky has a real test here with a dominant Vikings defense ready to capitalize on any mistake made.

Bears got better, and the Vikings are better. It is a great match-up Sunday Night Football game.

Minnesota Vikings (5-3-1) over Chicago Bears (6-3).

(QB) Patrick Mahomes and company are coming to town, looking to keep homefield advantage in the Playoffs a lock. The LA Rams are sound on both sides of the football.

Another big test coming up for both young quarterbacks Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes. I won’t spoil you with the details. This matchup could very well be a preview of the Super Bowl. So pay close attention!

Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) over the LA Rams (9-1).

*TNF Game* Seattle Seahawks (5-5) over Green Bay Packers (4-5-1) not included.












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