NFL Week 10 Game Picks

Oh yes! Only two missed picks last week. That is a real treat. Alright time to get serious. Here’s how I feel this week about the NFL matchups.

Buffalo Bills (2-7) over the New York Jets (3-6).

In a game where it is almost too close to call. The key for the Buffalo Bills is can LaSean Mccoy (RB) get the greenlight to roll on the green jersey wearing Jets defense. I think he will. Combined with some talent at wide-out. This is the most favorable matchup the Bills or the Jets have had all year. Too many Jets starters out will erase any path victory late in this game.

Detroit Lions (3-5) over the Chicago Bears (5-3).

I’m not sold on the Bears offense. Mitchell Trubisky (QB) has struggled to be accurate. The Lions defense has kept Detroit in close contests this year. I believe Matthew Stafford knows he has to sling it this week. The Bears defense is one of the best in the league. They will cause havoc against the Lions. The Lions defense will keep it close and allow Kenny Golladay (WR) and other offensive weapons to flourish.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) over the Arizona Cardinals (2-6).

There is not enough good things to say about Patrick Mahomes (QB), Head Coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs team, and staff. That Patriots loss could really have ruined a perfect regular season record. The Chiefs offense will cruise over the Arizona Cardinals defense. Expect the Cardinals to try anything in the playbook to get some points on the board early. Chiefs players Travis Kelce (TE), Kareem Hunt (RB), and Tyreek Hill (WR) will all be great fantasy football options this week.

Atlanta Falcons (4-4) over the Cleveland Browns (2-6-1).

This game will not be a blowout! The Atlanta Falcons are poised to run in November. Julio Jones (WR) is playing well. Tevin Coleman (RB) can make plays. Matt Ryan (QB) is that Drew Brees type of thrower. Prolific in the regular season. Trusts his checkdown throws, and can throw the ball deep. Will see if Baker Mayfield (QB) is up to the test. The Browns have good wide receivers as well. Still Nick Chubb (RB) might be a great flex fantasy football player this week.

New Orleans Saints (7-1) over the Cincinnati Bengals (5-3).

The Bengals are a team that’s been able to keep the boat steady through a wild first half of the season. They are in shallow water if Vontaze Burfict (LB) listed as questionable can’t go at high noon on Sunday. Bengals player Joe Mixon (RB) will be a great fantasy option at running back. He will put in work. On the flipside Saints player Alvin Kamara (RB) will also be a big fantasy earner this week. Newley added Dez Bryant (WR) will gel with this Saints offense. It might not happen in this game. AJ Green (WR) will have a good day against a Saints defense that gives up 400 total yards a game.

New England Patriots (7-2) over the Tennessee Titans (4-4). 

Tom Brady (QB), and company will look to shred the Titans defense. Chris Hogan (WR), and Julian Edelman (WR) will be the main targets looking to get open all day against the Titans defense. If the Titans stop those two men, than even with David Patterson (WR) playing well the Patriots will struggle. If Titans player Marcus Mariota (QB) had a few more big ballers on this team, this game would be completely different. The healthy Patriots are ready to roll in November.

Green Bay Packers (3-4-1) over the Miami Dolphins (5-4).

Aaron Rodgers (QB) always puts on a heck of a game. The Dolphins defense won’t let it get it out of hand. The emerging stars from the Packers will be the Trump card in this key week 10 matchup. Davante Adams (WR), will get at least 1 TD. Expect the run game to get going with Aaron Jones (RB). Jimmy Garahm (TE) looks like he will go but is listed as questionable. The Packers defense is playing its best snaps. The Miami Dolphins don’t have a lot of fire power on offense to support a formiddable defense. Brock Osweiler (QB), Albert Wilson (WR), and Frank Gore (RB) are the big three on offense for the Dolphins.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5) over the Indianapolis Colts. (3-5).

Tuffest week of matchups since week 1 I swear! Both teams are under performing, bit by the injury bug. This is still a divisional game. A physical contest where the Jaguars have more talentAndrew Luck (QB) is throwing a lot to Eric Ebron (TE) and others  The Jaguars are capable of matching that intensity with what I believe to be the “Ace” up their sleeve. Leonard Fournette (RB) is on track to return Sunday at Indianapolis.

Washington Redskins (5-3) over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5).

The Redskins are the most unpredictable, and the Buccaneers aren’t terrible. I think that Alex Smith (QB) will get it together this week. Adrian Peterson (RB) could be the x-factor. Especially if Jordan Reed (TE) can’t go. Mike Evans (WR) for the Buccaneers will have a big day. Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) won’t have enough helo to beat a pesky Redskins defense.

Los Angeles Chargers (6-2) over the Oakland Raiders (1-7).

The Raiders have yet to show they can hold up in a shoot out style scoring game. Which is exactly what Phillip Rivers (QB) from the LA Chargers is bringing to town. Melvin Gordon (RB) will be ready to go full speed. Keenan Allen (WR) will take a lot of agro from the rest of the offense. Allowing the Chargers to utilize a lot of their weapons. I see the Raiders having an uphill battle from the jump.

Los Angeles Rams (8-1) over the Seattle Seahawks (4-4). 

The Rams story is parallel to the Chiefs story. New Quarterbacks performing at a record breaking pace. Outstanding records and so on. The Seahawks are up and down right now. Russell Wilson (QB) can clutch a game if their in position to. This is a different story. Jared Goff (QB) is on fire throwing the football. Todd Gurley II (RB) is one of the best run, and catch backs in the league. Expect a lot of scoring.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) over the Dallas Cowboys (3-5). 

The Cowboys have struggled this year big time. The Eagles have at times too. Carson Wentz (QB) can make all the throws. With help from Wendell Smallwood (RB), and Zach Ertz (TE) among others. The Eagles “Conservative” defense should hold Ezekiel Elliot (RB) and Dak Prescott (QB) to average gains, and first downs.

San Francisco 49ers (2-7) over the New York Giants (1-7).

Both teams in rebuild mode at this point in the season. The 49ers have talent that was displayed well against the Packers along with the two wins. The quarterback situation is better with Nick Mullens (QB) now in the short term. The Giants will have opportunities to score but overall a low scoring affair.











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