Mainstream Media making your local elections about President Trump

The way this current election cycle is going, one can certainly grasp the feeling people are ready for it to be over. In a manner of speaking that’s how all election cycles feel. A sense extremely amplified because of the main stream medias never ending assault on President Trump. The medias continued attempts on impacting your local, and statewide elections is not new it is just sadly “That time again”.

The mainstream media has made it a priority to persuade you to vote for everybody but Republicans. Hundreds of negative stories about President Trump. Huge super-pacs pushing thousands of negative ads across the country. On our timelines, newsfeeds, tv screens, radios, and even dating apps the rhetoric mounts.

With one similar theme popping up. Blaming President Trump for everything under the sun. Especially for pre-existing conditions not being covered. Which is the furthest notion from the truth. Many components of the (ACA) Affordable Care Act still exist. Pre-existing conditions are still covered in almost every instance. The Republican consensus is all leaning on keeping that intact even with healthcare reform looming.

A yard sign supporting who you want to vote for is great. A bucket load of politic hate ads is just petty. I’m a big believer in you gain nothing from attacking your opponent. Instead of this election cycle being about you, and how government can work smarter for your community. It’s about who can sling the most mud.

The Midterm Election cycle is more important than the primaries and general. It affects our States property tax, local school districts, ordinances in our towns, cities, and villages. Laws statewide from the governors office. Affecting business, small and corporate. Affecting retirees, people on disability, SSI, (SNAP), medicaid, medicare, and any state run programs. Local infastructure, and possible lasting impact on our State Constitution.

The big takeaway from this years election madness is to clear our consience and VOTE. We all know what our communities need. Make sure to vote for individuals who can deliver.


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