NFL Week 9 game picks

San Francisco 49ers (1-7) over the Oakland Raiders (1-6). Even with Nick Mullens at the helm of the 49ers offense. I don’t believe the Raiders are capable of stopping the 49ers wide receivers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2-1) over the Baltimore Ravens (4-4). The Ravens late offensive woes are why I’m cooling off on taking them this upcoming Sunday. The long term outlook for their season is good, but the Steelers are hot right now and show no signs of slowing down.

Chicago Bears (4-3) over the Buffalo Bills (2-6). The Bears dink-and-dunk offense is firing on all cylinders. The Bills do have a physical defense, but their quarterback situation has me standing on the opposite sideline. With (OT) Kyle Long out for the Chicago Bears expect the offense to look even more dink and dunk on the way to victory.

Carolina Panthers (5-2) over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4). In a game that has big implications for the NFC South Division. Cam Newton has found a way to rally this team to a very nice record midway through the season. I expect Cam Newton to continue his success this season. The Panthers underrated defense should stop the Buccaneers from doing much damage.

Kansas City Chiefs (7-1) over the Cleveland Browns (2-5-1). Baker Mayfield has a bright future in this league but the timing isn’t right yet. Patrick Mahomes has too many weapons, and a defense that is looking better each week. (WR) Tyrek Hill, (TE) Travis Kelce, (RB) Kareem Hunt should all prove to be top picks for fantasy this week.

Miami Dolphins (4-4) over the New York Jets (3-5). Although I predict the Jets will perform better than they did against the Bears last week. It still wont be enough to beat the Dolphins at home. The Jets offense has a lot to work on, but the defense has even more to worry about. The Dolphins have enough role players on offense and defense to grab a win this Sunday.

Detroit Lions (3-4) over the Minnesota Vikings (4-3-1). I have to disagree with the Vegas oddsmakers on this matchup. When two NFC North rivals play each other. Things never turn out how they seem. Matthew Stafford can sling it as well as anybody in this league. I think the Vikings are a real contender this year. The Lions will be playing with a chip on their shoulder knowing they can thwart that notion with a surprise win.

Atlanta Falcons (3-4) over the Washington Redskins (5-2). The Atlanta Falcons are scoring well and are really efficient on offense. Their defense however cannot stop anybody. This week I believe that changes. The Redskins are unpredictable, and even with three offensive weapons I think Matt Ryan wins the shootout against Alex Smith.

Houston Texans (5-3) over the Denver Broncos (3-5). The Texans are playing there best football all year. The Broncos defense is as dominant as they come. Case Keenum at quarterback wont show up the Texans defense, and now with no (WR) Demaryius Thomas the struggle is real.

LA Chargers (5-2) over the Seattle Seahawks (4-3). In all fairness the Seahawks have been playing great despite the injury bug that has riddled their defense. Mix that with a balanced offense and you would beat a lesser team. The LA Chargers are not the team to downplay. (QB) Phillip Rivers has kicked this offense into full gear with RPM’s over 3! The Chargers defense looks better than it has in years and they will challenge Russell Wilson and company all day.

New Orleans Saints (6-1) over the LA Rams (8-0). (QB) Drew Brees shows no signs of slowing down the passing attack yet. The check down master is ready to take the Rams defense to task. After watching (QB) Aaron Rodgers slice them up last week, Brees and company will be prepared to expose the flaws in the Rams defense. This will be a shootout however because the Saints can’t stop the Rams high-powered offense.

Green Bay Packers (3-3-1) over the New England Patriots (6-2). In a match for the ages and really a battle of the GOAT. Aaron Rodgers looks to win the shootout with Tom Brady. Both teams have similar situations on offense and can score quickly. The Packers defense however is slightly better. The Patriots have only ran the ball against teams with poor rushing defense like their own. The Packers however have struck gold with (RB) Aaron Jones and that to me will be the x-factor.

Tennessee Titans (3-4) over the Dallas Cowboys (3-4). The Cowboys offensive woes are far from over. The Titans are a team that has shown there defense can put them in a position to win the game. If the right things happen which I think they will, then the Titans will come out on top of this low scoring affair.






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