What to look for in World Series Game 5

We have seen both bullpens almost all but emptied entirely. Witness to an incredible chess match between both Managers of the Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers. To top it all off 9 free innings of baseball from Fridays 18 inning (Record all-time high) Dodgers game 3 win. The series maybe (3-1) Boston Red Sox, but that doesn’t tell the tale of a really competitive World Series.

In tonights game 5 matchup. Kershaw vs Sale or Price is the headline. But the Dodgers bullpen will have to be ready for the frontline. Boston is an offensive powerhouse and they’ve proved it all season long. More so tonight, after being down 4-0 to the Dodgers, the rally was on.

The Red Sox went on an offensive tear tallying up 9 unanswered runs. Putting the game out of reach, even though the Dodgers were able to score 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth. Final score 9-6 Red Sox.

All eyes on Bostons hitting vs LA’s hitting for game 5. Playing a third day in a row (Which probably feels like a fourth day). Fatigue can set it in early. A fast start maybe all thats needed for either team to grab a win.

Boston’s worst case scenario is having to go back home, and trying once more at closing this series out. If the Dodgers find a way to win they can at least go to Boston with momentum. If not the script is tossed out for the second year in a row. Then its back to the drawing board for next season.

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