Avengers Infinity War Review

Loki being killed off early set the tone for the rest of the movie. Thanos really came into full supervillain dominance early on. Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark, was the leading man with out a question. Iron Man leads his peers in the superhero world. A theory came to mind, that the Hulk a.k.a Bruce Banner was punked to bolster other supero heroes. When the Hulk couldn’t turn into the Hulk it was like watching the downtrodden. 

Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker getting off a school bus, and showing up to also get punked by Ironman did not make me feel much better. Guardians of the Galaxy were there to supplement what felt like comic relief. The scene where they wake up Thor started the comedic pun mantra that ensued throughout the film. Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor’s role will ease the nerves of movie goers. Wakanda and Black Panther played by are as cool as they seem in their first Avengers movie appearance. 

Enjoy the geat war scene toward the end of the film. Overall the movie stayed on par with the comics. The story is fun to follow along with, and the script is good. Thanos may be the strongest supervillian ever. Make sure to watch the scene after the last credits roll, and thank me later.





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