We Havent Seen The Best LeBron James Yet

Very high amount of minutes played for Lebron James at 42 tonight. A true chess match of a game, and LeBron James put this series in checkmate. Not only was this a good defensive game, the offense was clicking for both teams until the 4th quarter. Only one team stood out from there, and one player.

LeBron James will be remembered as, the player who extended the NBA prime expectancy among other great accolades. Tonight he was again the hero of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the crusader against the Indiana Pacers. Game-winning shots are a mantra of sorts in todays professional basketball games. No excuses tonight, this shot will ignite the Cavaliers starters and bench! Another game of sheer finesse and strength when neccessary from LeBron scoring 44 points.

Can you say double-double? 10 rebounds to go with that. 8 rebounds and the pound for pound greatest basketball player of all time strikes again! These 2018 NBA Playoffs are shaping up to be the best of all time! What better captain to steer the ship than, you guessed it LeBron James. One more game to win against the Pacers for moving on, but I’d like to shine light on the fact we haven’t seen the best LeBron James yet.





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