UFC Fight Night – Barboza vs Lee results

Tony Martin (12-4) vs Keita Nakamura (33-8-2). Martin out worked Nakamura in the first round showing his hand speed and foot work. Second round was much of the same. Nakamura was never able to get comfortable, and it cost him the fight. Tony Martin closed out the third round well enough to win over the judges with a (30-27) score.

Corey Anderson (10-4) vs Patrick Cummins (10-4). For a heavyweight throwdown, it did not disappoint. The argument before this fight about who was a better fighter was open. Corey Anderson closed that discussion tonight. A 3 round display of great wrestling and boxing earns him a unanimous decision victory from the judges. Anderson outstruck Cummins and took him down 12 times!

Siyar Bahadurzada (23-6-1) vs Luan Chagas (15-2-1). Siyar showed his great technique off tonight. In the first round both fighters kept it on the feet feeling it out. Siyar started to become a problem for Chagas with his striking being so unorthodox. In the second round Chagas could not match the striking of Siyar. Siyar Bahadurzada landed a kick to the solarplex and finished quickly with an uppercut to end the fight by KO/TKO.

Merab Dvalishvili (7-3) vs Ricky Simon (10-1). In possibly one of the most controversial endings to a fight all year. Let it not take away the glory of this fight. Dvalishvili had one of the strongest first rounds starts of the year. His pace could not be matched as he outboxed Simon. Dvalishvili mixed his strikes up very well.

Looking to continue that success into the second round. Again Dvalishvili came forward to pressure Simon. Simon took notice and after getting dazed woke up! He found his footing in the second round and both men tried many take downs. The fight was just playing out on foot, where Simon was wethering the storm. In the third round Simon was again on the losing end of the exchanges. Then Simon pulled off a guillotine in full mount position. Dvalishvili was kicking but could not break the hold as the ref looked on, he did not stop the fight. The bell rang and people are arguing that Dvalishvili was not unconcious but the athletic commission ruled otherwise. Ricky Simon wins by KO/TKO.

Ryan LaFlare (13-2) vs Alex Garcia (15-4). In an interesting matchup, both men were very physical in the beginning. LaFlare was able to fight through being taken down 5 times. Using effective striking and scoring a takedown of his own. Earning a unanimous decision victory from the judges. Ryan LaFlare is looking to shake up the already talented weight class.

Jim Miller (28-11) vs Dan Hooker (16-7). Miller is definately the working class man. Miller looked to stand up with Hooker early on in the first round. Underestimating Hookers power Miller was caught with a big shot. Dan Hooker wins a big fight for himself by KO in round one.

Aljamain Sterling (14-3) vs Brett Johns (15-0). In a good fight on tonights card. Both men showed how dangerous they were in the first round. Sterling was winning the bigger share of the exchanges. Taking Johns down with ease 3 times. Aljamain Sterling fought a mature fight landing over 100 strikes. Earning himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27).

David Branch (21-4) vs Thiago Santos (17-5). In a quick bout, we did see real power. Santos looked to push the pace early landing a few good shots. David Branch matched with technique. Landing a powerful overhand right punch to win by KO in the first round.

Justin Willis (6-1) vs Chase Sherman (11-4). This fight was runner up to fight of the night in my opinion. Willis showed his hand speed to be as fast as a pitbull. With tremendous power to match dazing Sherman he than began to retaliate. In round two Sherman started off sharper landing a few good strikes. Willis again showed he was a great counter puncher landing many more strikes. Sherman was able to match Willis standing up and did some damage. Willis scored a takedown in this fight. Both men landed over 100 strikes a piece. The third round did slow both men down but the fight was still on! Justin Willis wins by Decision (29-28) score.

Frankie Edgar (21-6-1) vs Cub Swanson (25-8). This was a fight where you could tell both men had a lot of respect for one another. Frankie Edgar controlled the pace of the first round. Landing good percise shots. Swanson fends off a takedown after being stunned by Edgar. In round two Edgar again pushes pace and is connecting. Swanson fighting on his heels trying to work in his technique. Edgar wants fight to go to ground but Swanson stuffing all attempts. On the feet both men threw over 100 strikes. Both landing around half of that Edgar did more damage. Frankie Edgar wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27).

Edson Barboza (19-5) vs Kevin Lee (16-4). A great fight for the main event. Lee started off strong controlling the pace. Barboza looks good on his feet but can’t stop Lee from taking him down. Lee working for positioning working in ground and pound. Barboza able to land a kick that almost ends the fight. Lee recovers and begins to work in his ground and pound. On the feet Lee is sharp. Barboza landing shots but not having much effect. Lee continues to ground and pound and Barboza doesn’t have an answer. Kevin Lee lands over 200 total strikes and finishes Barboza in the fifth round by TKO.













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