Chicago White Sox: 2018 Season Update #1

Red-hot start for the White Sox, now cooling off against the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite the third and final game in the first Kansas City Royals series being postponed due to weather implications. One bright side is we now find the offense starting to see the end of some very crafty pitching. Interesting enough the season has been a very fun one offensively. Matt Davidson hitting 3-home runs in the home opening game of the season, to the 18-point combined runs within 2 games of a series.

This Blue Jays team is hitting the dynamite if you will. Right now they have some of the hottest bats in all of the majors. After they whopped the White Sox 14-5 last night to win the series, even though another game between the two sides remains tonight. The Blue Jays look to take that momentum and build on it, but much is to be learned from this series for the Southsiders. Going against quality offensive ball clubs like Kansas City and Toronto this early in the season really sets the model for improvement for the younger guys in the White Sox Club House. The same example is there for the bullpen of the White Sox and should be duly noted.

The 8th-inning collapse of the White Sox pitching last night was abominable at best. Like watching a snowball roll down a mountainside and turning into a full-scale avalanche. One thing I did not see that was an improvement in my eyes was there was no panic in the dugout, as soon as GM Rick Renteria seen the end nearing. He had his assistant right next to him and they were going to work. Very early in the season to worry about standings but it is interesting to see the White Sox tied for 1st place in the AL Central with the Minnesota Twins. Make sure to tune in to the White Sox vs Blue Jays tonight at 6:00 PM CST!



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