Darkest Hour Review

     If you didn’t think this was a good representation of Winston Churchill, then pick up a history book. As far as sitting and watching a movie, this one will have you skipping extra concession trips.

     A consistent problem with many movies that pertain to the history of a great war and not the actual fighting of the war is dialogue. The Darkest Hour delivers exceptionally well, hopefully becoming a great influencer. As most great films or works of art are. The references to Dunkirk are witty and well placed. The scene where Prime Minister Churchill speaks with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is moving. Giving off a wave of despair, uncertainty, and leaving our heads filled with questions.

     The plot twisting and turning impressively. Keeping the viewer entertained all the way throughout the movie with other great scenes. A scene standing-out, in particular, has been all over advertisements. Where Prime Minister Churchill gives a great speech is undoubtedly performed masterfully in this motion picture. Earning my respect and hopefully yours. This movie has influenced me in a positive way, and I can’t ask more than to walk away with that feeling from a movie.

Preston Olson

(Olson Reviews)

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