MMA Flat-out Better To Watch Than Football

It is not a pleasure to announce we are witnessing the end of a dynasty in televised football. Ratings, viewership, and overall excitement. Risking losing prime-time status and more advertisement losses. The number one watched televised sport is at best comical and fairly competitive. Hosting; lack of enthusiasm in the fans, empty arenas, jersey sales down and, along comes television ratings in the deep end of the tank! All issues could have been easily remedied. Help seems so far away now, parallel to what Tom Cruise experienced in Castaway.

My favorite sport to watch is known as football. Replaced, but not by basketball. Simply by three letters MMA! MMA (Mixed martial arts) is great for a number of reasons but first and foremost, because of the entertainment value. A wave that catches a certain demographic of people. Keeping the mixed martial arts business incredibly successful. That demographic of people is growing. New combat sports and leagues outside of the great UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are solving.

MMA has a more fluid pace that keeps it interesting throughout the whole event. Too many bad games, slow developing games in football. On the collegiate and professional level, this season and as of recent years have caused me to invest a lot more time in other great programs and research. I have found football to be lacking in excitement and entertainment value. Trending a way I would have never wished or thought would happen.

Sure, I’ll still catch my favorite NFL team; the Green Bay Packers when I can. I will still watch a good competitive college football game. I want the NFL and NCAAF business and, players to succeed. A lot of these issues are self-inflicted and are sucking the joy out of the game.

Written by: Preston Olson


11:04 PM

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