Fortnite Battle Royale Review

When you first download the game it is not that large of a file size. Big thumbs up for that! Now after a quite a few updates that size has increased. Hold that negative thought, it’s all for the better and, I will explain.

At first, when you play this game you find yourself dropping out of a crowded blimp. All while guiding your parachute to whichever location you decided was prime real-estate. Oh, yes, choose wisely the map does shrink. One hundred players in (PVP) player versus player, made up of teams up-to four gamers will surely keep you busy.

The frame rate almost seems too fast for the game but that is only one reason I prolonged writing my review. After a few updates, the game has been running much smoother with only a few bumps in the road to conquer… As far as match quality goes.This is not an easy task to the novice who is convinced they can build a better running (MMO) massive multiplayer online game.

One hundred different broadband connections running on a server is a massive achievement and maintenance monster! If any company was able to complete such a task it would be, Epic Games and associates. Moving into my third statement rather the body and main reason for writing a review of ‘Fortnite Battle Royal’.  The uniqueness of the weapons and survival element of a full-scale battle is a real win for there game community.

A complete 180 of the  ‘Gears of War’ franchise experience. Building on the run is a pivotal tactic, especially if you’re the lone-wolf type of gamer. Remember; you win if your teammates win. Whether building stairs or a fortress you need resources! There is plenty of loot but working fast and moving will keep you alive. Look out for hidden chests they can turn the tide of an entire one hundred-man battle royal!

Rocket launchers, snipers, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, easy controls and, much more make for a top-shelf gaming experience. Go purchase your copy of ‘Fortnite Battle Royal’ after you test it out.

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