NHL Playoffs or NBA Playoffs more exciting?

    Originally Published on 05/12/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Website Archive

    Last year around this time in May and going forward, there has been much discussion from the major sports press reporting about how people only watched the NHL Playoffs if their favorite team was in it. As of two nights ago, Charles Barkley went on record as to say that he would rather be watching the NHL Playoffs. This narrative has been building for 2 years and is now gaining more ground than ever.

    The NHL averaged 726,000 viewers in the first five days of the NHL playoffs in a press release from NBC. Another 5-day average on April 30th, stated the average was up to 829,000 viewers during each NBC broadcast. The NBA was all over the place from 3.2 million, down to 539,000 viewers to 1.2 million viewers back up to 4.4 million viewers.

     The NBA Executives could potentially look at this as closer to the NHL then they would like to be. NBA Basketball is the second most watched sport besides NFL Football, in the entire United States. The well respected and well-spoken NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated his feelings of content toward the NBA Basketball being the number 2 watched sport behind NFL Football. Confirming that notion and ending any further speculation on the matter.

    What the future holds is entirely up for speculation but some questions need to be answered. What happens if NHL Hockey continues at this pace and not only out performs past NBA Basketball in Television ratings in the future in a regular season or the playoffs? I am a big believer in the reader deciding for themselves. In my opinion it makes the most sense for the NBA to continue doing what has gotten the league this far.

    The NBA front office should be aware the penalties and, rules added annually are a direct effect of the slump in TV ratings, the huge spikes and, some emptier arenas. On the other hand, not all the blame can be placed there. It is no surprise that people are starting to come around to hockey and the NHL. Because of the fights very frequently, richer story lines between the teams, bringing a more exciting atmosphere, giving people a better viewing experience.

    Yes, it’s all very much a reality but also the added dynamic of only 3 periods not 4 quarters. That argument is for another day, right now the NBA front office needs to weigh the penalties and, new rules along with the implementation of their policies with greater consideration.

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 Preston Olson

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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