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Originally Published on 06/01/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Website Archive

There has been a lot of skepticism coming out of the rumor mill. It’s time an independent review was done on the pro’s and con’s of a very possible NBA 4-Point Line.

I wish this was an easy yes or no answer folks but, It’s not. If you’re in favor of a NBA 4-Point line. The case begins with the regular season. Looking at the whole body of an 82-game regular season over the last 3 years has been lacking in excitement.
Very talented point guards can take their time picking apart the defense with fundamental ball-movement and impeccably moving without the ball. Running down the shot clock is not a problem but, something else is happening way to much.

When the point guard or anyone else for that matter is allowed to be lazed and regain their poise, say “After a bad defensive set.” Since the defender isn’t scooting up enough, that in return is leaving to much room for an easy basket. Possibly on the outside perimeter or, at the tip of the 3-point line. Wherever its at above the key, this scenario appears to be happening a lot more.

Your seeing teams being able to master the 3-point shot making it common. Still not making a big enough impact so players push past the 3-point line, causing the game to be more fluid. The action and pace is slowed down because of the impasse on the defenses part. I understand if it’s part of the game plan but, this much is weary on fans. Who along with the players support and respect the NBA’s growing image for what it is.

I understand the other side of the argument enough to know about the integrity of the game. I stand in solidarity with you on that, but with all due respect at one time there was not a 3-Point line. The argument before the adoption of the 3-point line in 1979 was whether to have one or not. The NBA took a chance and look how well it turned out.

There is one specific thing that is undeniable, at least with sound logic to back it up. The NBA adopting a 4-point line would be exciting. Aside from that it would make the game more fluid and, cause players to shorten the distance on the defensive end. Bringing a sort of missing physicality back to the great game of basketball.

In 1979 a page was turned and, now is not the wrong time to turn the page again. If the NBA 4-point line was adopted in 2019, it would be another page turned, and a raised excitement level for the NBA.

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Preston T.R. Olson

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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