3 Ways Social Media Can Fuel Your Passion

Originally Published on 04/14/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Archive

  1. A New-Found Perspective

There is a new-found perspective for anybody using social media to help build an audience, customers or, just building rapport. It starts with you and what you’re willing to put into your product or service. Social Media will be a tool that allows you a well-lit base, full of potential buyers or followers. Whether your using Facebook to sell merchandise, your own website or, any other social media site. Remember to update it consistently, be original, and business friendly.

  1. Keeping Score

Now interesting enough everybody should know that you should do some type of grass roots marketing to get noticed and, just grow your brand or following in general. If you don’t know that stop reading this, look up grass roots marketing and, then please come back because you won’t want to miss this. Here is where social media turns into plug and play.

You can track competitor pricing without always having to go into a store and look around. Social media makes it almost natural to keep up with the current trends. A hidden gem hear is learning from others mistakes and believe me they will make them. Even the biggest brands fumble from time to time. It’s about knowing what your product or service is and using social media as an outlet to attract that audience or customer base.

  1. Marketing Yourself

There is so much talent and potential in the many people of the world. The problem is people do not know how to market themselves. Worse countless others spend money on people who pose as serious ‘Financial Advisors’ trying to take your money to fuel their own ambitions! Not all of these financial advisors are bad but remember your taking a risk when you’re not taking care of your own money.

Build your audience around what your product or service is and means to you. A good company can take up to 5 years to be fully successful. Not every small business or organization has the flare of a Kickstarter startup. Do not get discouraged relax and take notes every day on what you can improve on. Eventually you will be able to write those notes down in your head, I have faith in you.

  • Written by:

Preston T.R. Olson

River Street Marketing


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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