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Originally Published on 02/14/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Website Archive

5 years ago Snapchat was released. I don’t believe anyone could have seen how truly real a phenomenon it would become. An alternative media source from the various others. Snapchat has stiff competition and they have embraced it well. From avoiding a buyout from Facebook to inventing an entertaining mini series (Planet Earth). The way Snap Chat reinvents itself continuously is impressive. Not just a way for friends or family to connect, but an original experience we have been lacking.
Simple to sync your contacts right into your Snapchat, and message any one of them out of the app. One button to snap a pic, shoot a video, or multiple. Creating your own story and having people see parts of your day is a wonderful feature. Privacy in Snapchat is what I see as a hidden gem to the app. The way your messages delete themselves after time expires is a perfect fit. Even Hillary Clinton likes it! Cut and dry editing and tons of add-ons which we Snapchatters love! Fresh content is a common theme among Snapchat users and developers. As you can see other wild stories, have a good laugh, and even try to get Snapchat to feature your snap. Every week Snapchat has featured stories that could get your face shown around the globe by sending it to the Snapchat team.
After all that there is still work to do for Snapchat in maintaining the massive following and dedicated users it has. What I would like to see is some type of patch done for the calling featue Snapchat allows you to use for free. It feels like it was thrown together and put out to boost PR. It can be sporadic on the call with the volume going in and out. Also I would like to surf the web while I’m on a Snapchat call. It currently switches you to a listner unable to be heard. Lastly I really hope in the future I can switch Snapchat to my default messaging app. Obvious enough Snapchat is ahead of It’s time & will continue to be a great way to converse with friends, family, and make new friends!

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Preston T.R. Olson

River Street Marketing 

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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