Executive Order 13769 Op-ed

Originally published on 02/01/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Website

We have been kept in a state of misinformation and opinions about the wrongly publicized ‘Muslim ban” from our beloved media. This very false information continues a misleading assault on all of our conscious. A majority of Americans will go to work, pay their bills, & continue being functioning members of their communities. My heart goes out to the families at the airports who waited to see if their loved ones were staying or going. Although they can come back legally, I understand the frustration. My heart really goes out to the airport worker, who is just trying to follow the policy and do his or her job. While 2,000 people show up to disrupt business, scream in their faces and stop citizens from departing to see their loved ones.

Here in our beautiful country we have chosen to stop illegal immigration. To protect our sovereignty like the framers of the constitution intended. The people protest but really they are protesting the TSA workers safety, our vets safety, & all of our safety. Do not feel bad or engage in nasty opposition from any side. Handle your business these next 4 years. We have chosen to abide by the law on immigration and not disregard it like administrations past. We are a nation of laws, with an immigration law in short consisting of a clear path to citizenship, no forced illegal entry, and deportation of those who violate our immigration policy on their visa sponsorship.

Coming into this country illegally or not following the path to citizenship once here is unacceptable, & has to be treated as a liability to all tax payers. With the National Treasury in terrible shape, & a state like Illinois running without a budget for It’s people. With various other states hurting financially from the economic downturn. The blue collar person can’t continue to have illegal immigrants undercut him out of money for his family. Shame on those employers who pay illegal immigrants a dirt wage for their labor. Deepening their pockets, while the American citizen struggles.

Preston T.R. Olson

River Street Marketing


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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