Can the Chicago Bulls go above .500 and make the playoffs?

Originally published on 02/07/2017 by: Preston T.R. Olson @ River Street Marketing Website

When the season first started all Bulls fans had optimism in their hearts. The first 5 games looked like an energized Bulls team with more finesse. New fresh faces in the Bulls locker room & Head Coach Fred Hoidbergs job of rebuilding a once prominent Bulls roster. Making the playoffs with newly acquired Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo & others seemed like a slam dunk. The fans would surely eat it up, Jimmy Butler would shine, & having the Bulls play a possible spoiler seemed highly likely.

The Chicago Sports Media is highly critical at this stage in the season. A devoted Chicago fan base remains noble in their attendance. Keeping the United Center ranked top 5 in attendance. The Bulls have had dissension in the locker room & publicly some have shown their distaste for one another. The burning question is will this be the fuel to the fire jump-starting their season or be the wildfire that rapidly dissolves a future building around D-Wade & Jimmy Butler?

With a mediocre road record & leading scorer Jimmy Butler missing time due to injury one thing remains certain. They will have to get consistent help from the bench & compete at a high level to sustain enough wins for a postseason birth. Being in the Eastern Conference makes it realistic the Bulls can make the playoffs. Right now the Bulls are like a hot tea kettle on the range. If the players can settle into their respective roles game by game they will be above .500 by seasons end.

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Preston T.R. Olson

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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